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We all like free stuff right? Well not everyone likes free stuff, some people fear free stuff, they worry about things like; why is it free, perhaps it’s not very good, maybe there is a catch, perhaps I should pay for it.

I don’t want free seo tool to be a worry to anyone so let me try to answer some of these concerns. Free SEO Tool is free. Why is it free? It’s free because it is in development and while it is in development then it is great to get as many users and as much user feedback as possible. So please try it out and let me know what you think.

Perhaps it’s not very good? Hey I will be honest with you, this is a long term project, some of the technical stuff behind web page analysis, seems simple, but like most things once you start to take something very seriously, you find out all sorts of complications. I want this tool to be really really really useful. I want to win friends and influence people, and there is a lot of useful stuff out there, so I’m in this for the long haul and it will get better and better, but even it its alpha, I think that it is pretty useful.

Maybe there is a catch? I’d like to get to know and have a long term relationship with users of this free seo tool. But that’s not a catch, you dont have to do anything or give anything that you dont want to, the basic tool will always be free, maybe later I can add extra stuff and ask for registration, but that is not what this is about, I want a tool that works for me and I want to build it and develop it in public becasue I can and because together we can make something better. So the small print is that there is no small print.

Perhaps I should pay for it? Well I am paying for it. So take advantage, try it, give feedbak help to improve it and lets make the most of it together.

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Free SEO Tool

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Free SEO Tool

Get a free SEO search engine optimization report for your web pages. Research and learn from the best sites. Start knowing, collect intelligence on your site and on your competition.

Free SEO tool is born. It has taken a few months to get the page analysis tool working as well as I wanted for launch, there are still a few tweaks to make before we get out of Alpha testing.

But we’ll get there : ) soon!

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