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About Freeseotool.com

Free SEO tool was born from necessity and from fruitless search. I needed a tool that could do quickly, the research that was taking me days. I looked at tons of other SEO tools, I paid, I downloaded software, I paid for upgrades, I joined "exclusive" sites and tried everything out there. Some of it was quite cool, but, after paying a fortune for SEO software downloads and upgrades and membership sites, I found nothing that could match my combination of experience, attention to detail and hardwork. So I started to make it myself.

It is hard for successful SEOs to find a way to work with smaller sites. I don't think that it is enough to offer generic advice, and taking time to provide detailed advice based on research around your site, takes concentrated effort, so the cost is beyond the reach of most site owners. While I was developing this tool, I realised that most of the information and insight that I was gaining could be shared.

This SEO Tool, will not replace the concentrated effort of a leading SEO. If you have limited knowledge and experience and an even more limited budget then these Free SEO Tools will help you to get up to speed with the latest trends and information within minutes. Offering everything in the context of either your sites or the sites of your competitors. keeping it simple, and focused and providing analysis that could take weeks to generate without Free SEO Tool.

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