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To pull results from up to 15 search engine optimization tools simply enter keywords or a web page address in the box above and click on the button. Within a few seconds a report will be generated that will offer detailed and targeted SEO advice, uniquely valuable for your keywords or your page. You can begin using this service immediately. No log in, no sign in and no software download is required. Just input the phrase that you want free seo advice for and click.

Sample SEO Reports

Enter a URL or a phrase into the box above to view a sample SEO report that is targeted to you or view a sample SEO report for www.freeseotool.com.

Free SEO Tools

URL Analysis Tool

The format of a URL and the words included in the page address can in some cases have a small influence on search engine ranking. Successful pages for medium or high traffic keywords often have the phrase or part of the phrase, or a related phrase in their domain name. They will usually have words close to the target phrase as their page name. This information can help you to choose the best URL to target your keywords.

Page Title Optimization

Often the first thing that you do when you create a new page is to write a title. Ideally a good page title provides a unique description of the content of the page and is a signal to search engines about the keyword or keywords that the page should rank for. The Page Title Optimization Tool, analyses successful page titles and provides guidance to the sorts of titles that can help your pages to rank in search engines.

page title optimization

IP Hosting Lookup

The IP Hosting Tool will tell you which country the top ranking pages for your target search term are hosted in. Compare hosting location with domain or (TLD) to suggest the best possible combination for your search engine and your phrase.

ip hosting look up

Backlinks Tool

Powered by Majestic SEO the backlink analyzer takes a range of factors, including the number of links, link diversity and link quality and processes that data to provide an easy to compare link score for your pages. Compare that with successful pages to discover the formula that you need to follow to match competitors.

backlinks tool

Stem Words Finder

Well-written text may naturally contain variations of a single word, helping to confirm to search engines that the page is a truly valuable, on topic and authoritative result. Words like stem, stemier and stemable, are examples of stem words. Stem words share the first few letters and are often based on the same subject. The stem words tool analyses many aspects of a series of pages to highlight the stem words that are used by successful pages.

stemwords tool

Topic Words Analyzer

When deciding which pages to rank in search results, search engines will consider not just keywords and keyword phrases but also the words surrounding them. Topic words can help a search engine to see context in a page. Successful pages may share similar keywords, but deeper analysis can also reveal the topic and context that they share. Use the Topic Words Tool to ensure that your pages are sharing topic and context with successful pages.

topic words tool

Internal Links Analysis

Internal links and the way that your pages link to each other (website structure) can have an affect on your ranking. Complete optimization of any single page should include consideration of the pages that it links to and the pages that link to it. The type of link, link text, link URL, are all elements that create a landscape that your page sits within. Use the Internal Link Analysis Tool to study and learn from the structure of successful pages on successful sites.

internal links seo tool

External Links Analysis

Information about who you choose to link to and how you choose to link to them can be used by search engines to assess the type of site you have and the editorial values of your site. Increasingly search engines use external links as a signal confirming manipulative behaviour. The External Link Tool helps you to discover the sites that successful pages link to, ensuring that your link choice is informed by best practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this site really offering valuable SEO advice for free?

Yes, many sites offer advice about SEO for free. The interent is full of seo forums and experts offering a wide range of free advice on SEO issues. Google and Bing both offer advice and services. The unique feature of freeseotool.com is that it provides simple and effective SEO actions based on what works today for your phrase in your favorite search engine.

How do I know it works?

Freeseotool.com analyzes successful pages and offers advice based on what is proven to be successful, now, for pages ranking for your target phrases. Advice based on proven success is powerful but if you do not act on it then it will not work.

Perhaps I should hire an SEO expert to do all of this analysis for me?

Yes you should, if you have the budget and if have confidence in the person that you would hire. This site provides targeted information based on proven success but it does not replace the concentrated effort of a skilled, experienced professional.

Benefit #1
You will get custom SEO advice targeted to your keywords or your page. This is not one size fits all generic SEO advice, it is relevant advice designed for you to act on today.

Benefit #2
No knowledge is no problem, our tools work for any level of SEO experience. Start with novice and move to intermediate as your confidence grows, then select advanced SEO to get access to indepth analysis or raw data.

Benefit #3
Easy access, start using our free SEO tools today with no login and no sign up. The tools are 100% online so no software download is required. Some advanced options will require a login but standard access to run reports is free and open.

Benefit #4
Easy log in, if you choose to register you can do that simply with an email address and a choice of password, or you can get full access to the site through Facebook. No payment is required and no payment details will be requested.

Benefit #5
All of our SEO advice is based on real pages that rank for the phrases that you want to rank for. We do not guess or assume what might work, we know what works, now, for your target phrase in your target search engine. Learn from successful pages that rank well today.

Benefit #6
Unlimited advice, for any number of queries or any number of pages. How can I rank for my chosen phrase in google.com? What changes can I make to my page to compete with my competitors? Just keep asking and our tools will keep providing the simple, informed, targeted, SEO answers.

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